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About Us



Hi, my name is Spencer, I have been working with dogs since 2011, and I am ready for anything you throw my way. I fell into this career by way of following my passions, and I am not looking back anytime soon. I love all breeds and types of dogs- but the greater the challenge, the more fun I have! I feel I understand dogs on a level that most people don't, considering their emotions, drive, and unique personalities in order to better reach our goals. I believe that all dogs deserve a chance, and no dog is beyond rehabilitation. I do not believe in the use of 'training aids' such as electronic, prong, or pinch collars, and I see them as a shortcut in communication. I use an array of methods to communicate with dogs and am able to identify which motivators will be best for you and your pup. Most of all, I rely on my pack of dog mentors to lead the way for your dog, while I will do my best to teach you to better understand and communicate with your dog.
At Cultured Hounds, our aim is to provide real solutions to the more extreme challenges that pet owners face. Through expert behavioral coaching and applying custom-tailored and effective techniques, we are here to help you alleviate all of that hopelessness.



Irie is the "OG"- old girl of the pack, and has been around since 2010 when she was just a little pup. Irie is a calm, motherly Shar-Pei and Rhodesian Ridgeback mix with a sweet but tough demeanor. She teaches appropriate play and boundary setting and is often the mediator of the pack. A bit older these days, Irie takes a back seat to a lot of the work we do, but she still has her place and is valued and respected by all.



Carter is a Catahoula and Australian Shepherd mix with energy that never ends. He is always ready to wrestle, fetch, hike, or cuddle on the couch- so long as it makes everyone else happy. He is an amazing puppy mentor, as he will always be one himself.



Tahini the Chiweenie is a small, but mighty dog at just 10lbs, that was found by Spencer as a puppy on the streets of Oakland in 2015. She is fearless and full of energy, making her the perfect match for any dog with prey-drive toward the smaller pups. She also works as a great mentor for dogs of all sizes that might have low self-esteem around others. Tahini's kryptonite is children, and she loves to teach them that dogs can be sweet and gentle.



Camper is in training to be the pack leader. Although he is still a bit of a pup, he has shown he has what it takes to be a solid dog mentor. He is strong, athletic, clever, and full of energy, making him ready for any challenge that comes his way. Camper is a large mixed breed of American Bulldog, Rottweiler, and German Shepherd.



Chachi is the newest addition to our dog pack. He is a young, gentle, yet strong and playful Presa Canario. He insists on being friends with everyone- especially those who are initially afraid of him. His silly persistence always brings out the best in other dogs, and he will be sure to charm your socks off.


Frank & Beans

Frank and Beans are the resident kitties, and are incredibly comfortable with dogs. They love to wrestle, play chase, and ultimately demand respect from dogs. They are amazing teachers for dogs who think cats are prey.

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