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Cultured Hounds

Hound. Body. Mind.

Full-service care and rehabilitation services for all types of dogs with moderate to severe behavior issues.


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Reasons You Might Contact Cultured Hounds

• Your dog is a new addition to the family and has some behavior issues you'd like to understand.

•Your dog is insecure, reactive, and/or protective.

•Your dog shows signs of resource guarding (possessive of toys, food, people, or space).

•Interspecies introductions (Cats, chickens, etc)

• Your dog has been expelled from their daycare or walker for behavior issues.

•Your dog has inflicted harm on a human or another animal.

•You have "tried everything", and have worked with other trainers with little to no progress.

•You, a friend, or a family member fears your dog, or the dog fears you.

•You are afraid to walk your dog or socialize them with people and/or other dogs. 

•You simply do not have control and/or need someone you can trust with a challenging dog.

•Any fear, anxiety, or prey issues.

*We are located in Vallejo, CA and serve the entire Bay Area.

*There is a $200 fee for consultations that can be used toward future services if we move beyond our first meeting. 

Has your dog bitten a person?
Has your dog bitten or injured another dog?

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